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About Pragathi Sumedha

Pragathi sumedha is a complex of trendy homes with all the modern amenities in the most happening and preferred location of hyderabad city. Chic in their design,complete in amenities,flawless in constructions, these homes absolutely match all your fancies of a desirable living place.....

  • Backup Generator
  • Children play area
  • Intercom
  • Landscaping
  • Rainwater harvesting No common walls
  • Multi-level car parking


Backup Generator

Its have an emergency generators that can operate continuously for 24 hours electricity standby generators if you would have to wait only the briefest of moments and the electricity would come right bactk on.It operates much more quietly than the portable device and is fully automated.

Multi-level car parking

Multi-level Parking systems for sometime have provided relief since they come with a number of advantages - optimal utilisation of space, lower maintenance and operational cost, lower construction cost, secure and environment-friendly nature & space free for landscaping.

Vaastu Compliant

Vastu shastra can really help to make a person's life better. It is aimed towards drawing and concentrating positive cosmic energy in people's lives so that they actually manage to succeed in whatever they chose to do.


Trees, benches and small garden plantings are dedicated as commemorative elements on campus.The creation, care, and management of our trees, plantings, campus walkways, and specialty gardens is coordinated by us.

Rainwater harvesting

It is a system of catching rainwater where it falls. In rooftop harvesting, the roof becomes the catchments, and the rainwater is collected from the roof of the house/building. It can either be stored in a tank or diverted to artificial recharge system.

Children play area

softer and smaller obstacles to climb on and for adult seating so you can supervise your little one's play ,toys and games suitable for kids 3 years-old and younger clean and well-lit play areas and trained staff on-site to assist children and parents.