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About Aakruthi Township

Aakruthi Township is a breath of fresh air wafting across. Man is not meant to live in congested spaces, going around his daily activities without the refreshing blessing of a natural environment. By breathing the polluted air and enduring the din of daily life....

  • Backup Generator
  • Effcient use of water and electricity
  • Maximum daylight and fresh air
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Wide variety of fora and fauna
  • Walking trails/jogging tracks

Phase 1

  1. 1. Tulip
  2. 2. Daffodils
  3. 3. Marigold
  4. 4. Orchid

Phase 2

  1. 1.Blue Bells
  2. 2.Lotus
  3. 3.Lavandernder
  4. 4.Amenities Blocks


Vasthu compliant

Vastu is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy.These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success.

Visitor's parking

Several parking lots are located on campus that provide parking accommodations for campus visitors. Multi-level Parking systems for sometime have provided relief since they come with a number of advantages.

Solar fencing

The Solar Perimeter Security Electric Fence system is a modern day alternative to conventional methods of fencing to protect your property.Electric fence can be made to detect a fault on the fence like shorting or cutting of the wire.


Trees, benches and small garden plantings are dedicated as commemorative elements on campus.The creation, care, and management of our trees, plantings, campus walkways, and specialty gardens is coordinated by us.


Proper interior ventilation is vital to your family's health and comfort. It helps your home rid itself of moisture, smoke, cooking odors, and indoor pollutants.It's best to leave this to a professional.


CCTV monitoring is used in public areas by Security and Campus Safety to deter crime and to assist in protecting the college community and property.