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Aakruthi Township



Beginning with Aakruthi Township's modern facade, there are a lot of interesting surprises to behold. A warm undercurrent of chic energy permeates every nook and corner of this uniquely styled complex. Enjoy an unprecedented level of comfort and luxury while taking in the panorama of the green surroundings. The exquisite design and comfort of the luxurious condominiums will certainly leave you breathless with a desire to own and live in them at any cost.

Nestled amidst the extensive 5 acres of lush greenery, Aakruthi Township consists of nine 8-storey towers of exquisite beauty. Our discerning customers have a choice of designer living units with built up areas ranging from 845 sq.ft to 1945 sq.ft. Each unit offers a veritable list of amenities and facilities for those who desire sprawling living space and for growing families.

Aakruthi Township is a tribute to the fner art of living, with a unique style of refned sophistication, bold and articulate spaces. Most important, they allow you to defne your own living environment with ample space to live your dream.

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